It's All About Relationship


Have you wanted to share Christ with someone you know but aren’t sure where to start?

Learn How to Share Jesus with Others. Over the years, we’ve discovered that more than 90% of Christians don’t know how to share their faith with others in a respectful, calm way. It's All About Relationship provides a step by step framework you can use to become effective at sharing the Gospel story with others.

The Relational Evangelism training videos below  will teach you how to start a conversation with anyone to find out if they would be interested in learning more about Jesus.

This is not street evangelism, handing out tracts, or inviting people to a crusade or a church service. There's no memorization or high pressure tactics involved. Everything is right there on the page in front of you and it is all straight from the Bible.

The training we offer here is free. You can do it at your own pace. It's All About Relationship   will change your life as well as the lives of those you will share Jesus with for all eternity.

It's All About Relationship has been effectively used for over 3 decades to bring tens of thousands to faith in Christ. My Prayer is that through this website it will continue to equip Christians to take up their cross and share the most important message ever with those around them. And I pray you will get started using it today!

If you would like to communicate with me or even talk over the phone, simply email me. God bless you.

For the King,

John Hendee


Getting Started:

Step #1 - Download/print It's All About Relationship.

Step #2 - Begin watching the training videos below. They are topically based and start with John sharing an overview of a few testimonial stories of those he's had the privilege to train and share Christ with using It's All About Relationship. The topics then move into laying the groundwork, understanding how to start conversations and practicing F.O.R.M., practicing each of the 4 lessons, familiarizing yourself with the pivotal "Marriage and Christianity" page, figuring out where to find people to share with, and finally some guiding principles for long-term use.

We suggest going through the lessons in order at first then using them as a desk reference resource that you come back to again and again as needed.


  • Do it alone or with others "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17
  • Do it at your own pace "Each should use whatever gift you have received to serve others" 1Peter4:10-11
  • Learn F.O.R.M. and the Marriage and Christianity videos well
  • Make notes, familiarize yourself thoroughly with the flow of IAAR's 4 Lessons
  • Seek out other Christians to practice on before sharing with unbelievers and have them give you feedback on your presentation...use more than one person; ask them to be your personal consultant; do it more than once; practice/show them progress
  • Don't fear mistakes
  • Relax and Practice, that's how to gain confidence
  • Make a list of people you know who need to hear the Good News; Begin praying for them; Look for opportunities to share; GO through the door when it is opened

Additonal Languages available through video captions settings.

Session 1 - A Global Happening

Session 2 - The Calling

Session 3 - Let's Lay The Foundation

Session 4 - Dealing With Fears

Session 5 - Our Motivation

Session 6 - The Great Commission

Session 7 - What Relational Evangelism Isn't

Session 8 - How it all Starts

Session 9 - You Don't Have to...

Session 10 - Some Assumptions

Session 11 - How to use F.O.R.M.

Real Life Stories - It works!

Session 12 - Intro to the 4 Lessons

Session 13 - Lesson 1 Explained

Session 14 - Lesson 2 Explained

Session 15 - Lesson 3 Explained

Session 16 - Marriage & Christianity Page Explained

Session 17 - Lesson 4 Explained

Session 18 - Where To Find People

Session 19 - Guiding Principles

Session 20 - Now What?

Session 21 - Free Books / Website

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