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An additional option for the training is an 8-week on-line course offered through Hope International University. Click Here to check out a comprehensive brochure about the Relational Evangelism course (printable version).

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An online course offered through Hope International University is based upon It’s All About Relationship and equips you to be an effective disciple-maker utilizing this powerful personal evangelism tool.

Check out what students are saying about it in the testimonies below!

Individuals and groups of any size may take the course through HIU’s Open Course format for only $100 per person. This course can also be taken for Bachelors or Masters credit at a cost of $300. Churches wanting to transition to being a disciple-making church will find this course is exactly what they need to train up an army of Christ ambassadors in sharing the Gospel effectively.

For more info, here is a brochure about HIU's Relational Evangelism course (printable version).

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HIU's Online Course Testimonies    ...Don't miss the last one.

From a Preacher–"How could it all be stated any more orderly than It's All About Relationship? Man has a problem. Jesus offers an expensive remedy. He invites us to accept that offer. He makes his prescribed response crystal clear. Wow! Each lesson builds on the previous one. It is all logical, Biblical and easy to follow. Add to this the dynamic of God's immense love...and there it is...Good News. Thanks for making it all so clear, John."

From a Teacher–"For the first time, I feel prepared to share the Gospel!"

From a Church Leader–"I really like the IAAR approach because it is truly a relational approach that is designed to treat the other person like a person rather than a target. It's not just the content spread across four sessions, which is very good, but it is also all of the fine details around how your engage the person, how you bring up the topic, how you invite the person, and how you always leave them an out. It's treating the other person how you would want to be treated. In all of this, it is allowing the person to respond to the truth and the Holy Spirit. Spreading it out, gives the person time to wrestle with the truth. This is big, heavy stuff that requires time to evaluate; if you'll forgive me for such a simplistic example... it's much more like buying a house than a pack of gum at the checkout line."

 From a Educator & Missionary–"We the current students need to go to our Church leaders and express to them the ease and benefits of the IAAR training and encourage them to get involved in training their/your/our congregations to be Ambassadors for Christ."

 From am Educator & Businessman–"This course is ‘light years’ ahead of any course, seminar, etc. I’ve taken in the church during my whole lifetime."    ...He's 68

From a Preacher & Leader of a Church Planting Organization–"It is tragic for the church that the average follower of Christ in my circle of influence has been abandoned by me and other leaders of the church who have been called to equip the saints of God. I will no longer remain dormant. Not only do I commit my life to this class, but I commit my life to every person around me. I will be more greatly engaged in looking for opportunities to share the Gospel. And I will be alive with intensity when it comes to encouraging others to learn how to personally share their faith with the people around them...."

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Get started now:

1 - Click to download: It's All About Relationship

2 - Watch John's demonstration videos below. Take notes. Begin practicing it yourself.

     Seek feedback from a fellow disciple...better yet, learn it together!

3 - Practice! Practice! Practice! Get comfortable presenting the sessions.

4 - Go Live! Draw up your "target" list with your partner and go out sharing the Gospel.

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